Explore Color, Design, Texture and PizZaZzles creativity!

Combine different media: paints, pastels, watercolor, collage, decoupage, wood, fabric, paper mache, nature, recycled and found materials etc., to create works of Art. Develop problem-solving, imagination, motor skills, confidence and self-expression.

Group Experiences

Looking for a Group Art Class for your child and some friends, a homeschool group or playdate? Try a PizZaZzles experience! All classes are 45 minutes. Group experiences are not intended for parties.

Wiggles, Giggles and Art
Recommended Ages 1 and 2

Mommy and Me Art Experience
Recommended for ages 2-4

Art Adventure
Recommended for ages 3-5.
This dynamic class encourages creative development, promotes fine motor skills and nurtures social interaction all while exploring a variety of art materials and techniques. This class encourages awareness and exploration of a variety of art media, tools and basic skills. Each student receives hands-on instruction in your home or venue of choice. You will be amazed by your child’s masterpieces!

Art Exploration
Recommended Ages 5-10

Group Pricing
minimum of three children and a maximum of six children.
$25 each

Private Experiences

One-on-one art experiences are 45 minutes long, excluding set up and clean up. A creative coach will come directly to your home, materials in hand to lead your child through customized projects and activities. All of our curricula are designed specifically for each student, considering their age, skill level, interests and goals.

1 session $45
3 sessions $120
5 sessions $175